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Monday, October 16, 2017
CST News Release
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Automatic DIMM/SIMM Handler Provides Fast, Reliable Memory Testing

Thursday, December 01, 1994

Dallas, TX, USA - Targeting the growing trend for DIMM's, CST, Inc. now offers its DM718-EK automatic memory handler for 168-pin DIMMs. Designed to speed up memory testing, the DM718-EK handler is a mechanical handler built to provide memory module manufacturers a cost-effective method of automatically testing memory modules in a fast, reliable and safe manner. Intended with high-volume manufacturing in mind, the handler holds a stack of modules in the input tray and allows each module to be transported to the test site through a conveyer belt. At the test site, one contactor closes in on the top of the module and another contactor closes in on the bottom to make an electrical contact. With a CST tester mounted on the back of the handler, the module is tested. Upon completion of the test, the tester instructs the handler to output the good modules into the good bin and the bad modules into the bad bin. The entire process is 100% automated and hands-free. The handler provides labor saving testing where operator errors are completely eliminated. The handler is compatible with both CST's memory testers, the SP3000 and the Eureka. CST also makes handlers for 30 pin SIMMs, 72 pin SIMMs, PCMCIA memory cards and 160 pin DIMMs.

By: CST Staff
Copyright 1994 CST, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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