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Monday, October 16, 2017
CST News Release
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New SPD Programmer Dedicated for DDR DIMM Modules

Wednesday, November 01, 2000

As memory module manufacturers are gearing up into manufacturing DDR DIMM modules, one basic tool they lack is an SPD programmer that programs the EEProm on the module after assembly. CST’s New Ez DDR-DIMM SPD Programmer is designed exactly to solve this problem. This low cost programmer is PC hosted through the common PC parallel port. It allows easy reading and programming of SPD codes on DIMM modules. It identifies the size, speed grade, and structure of the DIMM module utilizing the standard DDR-DIMM Code Assembler method. It verifies the SPD content to be compatible with the computer system. It captures and saves the SPD codes on files for easy cloning or for future reference. It also allows extraction of SPD codes for editing and comparison.

The CST ‘s Ez DDR-DIMM SPD Programmer comes with Windows Graphic Interface and user friendly pull-down menu with help tutorial designed specially for the “non-technical users”. DDR-DIMM SPD samples library and tables are also included for easy quick reference. Unit comes with heavy-duty 184pin DIMM socket for the manufacturing environment.

The Ez -DDR SPD Programmer is available NOW for only $795.00. Delivery is from stock.

Founded in 1983, CST designs, manufacture, markets and supports computer memory test software and hardware. CST pioneered the first low cost SIMM tester for computers in 1985. Since then, CST testers have become the standard for computer manufacturing industry, holding more than 70% of the market in memory module testers for computer manufacturers and third party memory module manufacturers. With its product lines of memory module tester and handler, CST is equipped to handle all aspects of memory module testing. CST has a comprehensive line of testers ranging from the low-volume service tester to the high-end, high-volume tester. In addition, CST also provides customization for proprietary module test fixtures.

For further information, visit or contact our sales at (972) 241-2662.

By: CST Marketing
Copyright © 2000 CST, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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